Monday, October 22, 2012

Pitstop4Performers - October 25, 2012 - Preview

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Contents of Pitstop4Performers - October 25, 2012

         The Magzter story
         Public WiFi
         Five points, someone
  • Chinese bamboo
  • Writing about emotions
  • Tamil and technology
  • Infinite connections

Pitstop4Performers - October 25, 2012 - Preview

Rahul Nehra

Rahul Nehra
PLAYLIST  by Murali D
Rahul Nehra, CMO and Global Head Sales, Exset, UK

Thiruppur Krishnan

Thiruppur Krishnan
PLAYLIST  by Murali D
Thiruppur Krishnan, Editor, Amudasurabhi

Lata Gwalani

Lata Gwalani
PLAYLIST  by Murali D
Lata Gwalani author of 'Incognito'

Kushal Choksi

Kushal Choksi, Co-Founder, Hmmm, US (



Monday, July 2, 2012

Kedar Kulkarni

Kedar Kulkarni, Founder, Lema Labs Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai (

Aditya Kulkarni

Aditya Kulkarni, Senior Product Manager, InMobi, Bangalore (

A. Senthil Nayagam

A. Senthil Nayagam, CEO, Sedin Technologies P Ltd, Chennai (

J. Surjith Singh

J. Surjith Singh, Chief Experiment Officer, Niqotin, Chennai (

S. Jeeva

S. Jeeva, Journalist, Chennai

N. L. Rajah

N. L. Rajah, Advocate & Board Member, Citizen Consumer & Civic Action Group (CAG), Chennai (

K. S. Sripathi IAS

K. S. Sripathi IAS (Retd), State Chief Information Commissioner, Tamil Nadu Information Commission, Chennai (

Monnanda Appaiah

Monnanda Appaiah, MD, Wienerberger Brick Industry Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch, CEO, Wienerberger AG, Vienna (

Keith Sharp

Dr Keith Sharp, Director, University of London International Programmes at LSE, London (

YourStory TechSparks 2012

YourStory TechSparks 2012 Chennai RoundTable

Venkatesh Chandrasekaran

Venkatesh Chandrasekaran, Schools for India (


Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) Food For Thought (FFT) event on Right to Information (RTI)

Sundari Sethuraman

Sundari Sethuraman (81), Resident of Mylapore

Sukhesh Madaan

Sukhesh Madaan, CEO, Envent World Wide P Ltd, Delhi

Shekar Chandrashekar

Shekar Chandrashekar, CEO, Vision India, Chennai

R. C. Srinivasan

R. C. Srinivasan, Founder, JK Public Relations, Chennai


Sunny Rao, Managing Director India & South-East Asia, Nuance India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (
Umesh Sachdev, Co-Founder & CEO, Uniphore Software Systems, IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai (

Anand Kannan

Anand Kannan, MD, Valued Epistemics P Ltd, Chennai

Sandeep Varma

Sandeep Varma, Social Media Marketer, Chennai

Rm. Thiruchelvam

Rm. Thiruchelvam, Originator,, Chennai


View from inside the plane

Robin L. Saitz

Robin L. Saitz, Senior VP, Solutions Marketing & Communications, PTC

Joe Iannacone

Joe Iannacone, Co founder and VP, NetIdeas, US

Nitin Tappe

Nitin Tappe, Senior VP and Head Global Operations, Geometric Ltd, Pune

Blaine Duke

Blaine Duke, South Central Regional Manager, Delcam, US

W. Bradley Holtz

W. Bradley Holtz, President & CEO, Cyon Research Corporation, US

Emergent Systems

Saleem U Qureshi, VP Engineering, Emergent Systems Corp, US, and 
Jeffrey A. Moffa, Vice President, Emergent Systems Corp, US

Helmuth Naumer

Helmuth Naumer, VP of Sales and Marketing, TerraXML, US

Jonathan R. Carr

Jonathan R. Carr, Application Engineer, Boston Engineering Corporation, US

Keith Meintjes

Keith Meintjes, Practice Manager, Simulation and Analysis, CIMdata, US

Kim Negaard

Kim Negaard, Marketing Associate, Fishbowl Solutions, US

ITI TranscenData

Marketing Director, ITI TranscenData, US

Aditya Mahapatro

Aditya Mahapatro, Principal Consultant, Archer Grey LLC, US

Jim Heppelmann

Jim Heppelmann, President & CEO, PTC

Rajagopalan Giridhar

Rajagopalan Giridhar, Group Editor, Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx Pvt Ltd, Noida

Chris Wilkes

Chris Wilkes, Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Sigmetrix, US

Jeffrey W. Wilmot

Jeffrey W. Wilmot, Country Manager, Parametric Technology India P Ltd, Bangalore

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garrett Paymon

Garrett Paymon, Business Development Manager, Luxion Inc, US