Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

संजीव Bikhchandani
AllCheckDeals पर
शिक्षा पर
नौकरी पर
शिक्षा पर
'पर क्या है प्रबंधन'

Sanjeev Bikhchandani
1) On AllCheckDeals
2) On Education
3) On Naukri
4) On Shiksha
5) On 'What is Management'

Cabot Jaffee, Ranjan Sinha

Cabot Jaffee, रंजन सिन्हा
साझेदारी पर
भारत में किराए पर
कानूनी परिदृश्य
अनुपालन पर
पर कि क्या कर्मचारी लाड़ प्यार किया जाना चाहिए
पुरानी दुनिया मूल्यों पर
कंपनी संस्कृति पर

Cabot Jaffee, Ranjan Sinha

1) On the partnership
2) On hiring in India
3) The legal landscape
4) On compliance
5) On whether employees should be pampered
6) On the old world values
7) On company culture

Y. V. Lakshminarayan Pandit

वाई वी लक्ष्मीनारायण पंडित
SHL भारत पर
OPQ पर
जागरूकता के स्तर पर
परीक्षण की उदासीनता पर प्रभाव
सही तुलना की जरूरत पर
'आकलन के शैल्फ जीवन' पर
पर परीक्षणों में क्या कब्जा कर लिया नहीं है
जो उदासीनता के लिए दोषी हैं पर
UCR पर

Y. V. Lakshminarayan Pandit

1) On SHL India
2) On OPQ
3) On the level of awareness
4) Impact of tests on attrition
5) On the need for right comparison
6) On the 'shelf life' of assessments
7) On what is not captured in tests
8) On who to blame for attrition
9) On UCR

Muthu Logan

मुतु लोगान
वायरलेस मल्टीमीडिया मंच
वाईफ़ाई के आकर्षण के केंद्र के Underutilisation
नि: शुल्क होटल में वाईफ़ाई
गतिशीलता वाईफ़ाई में उभर
हमारे गांवों की क्या आवश्यकता
कॉर्पोरेट ग्रामीण भारत के लिए आवश्यक जिम्मेदारी
वीडियो निगरानी
श्रीलंका की सफलता की कहानी
Startups से सीखना
निर्णय भारत पर लौटने के लिए
चेन्नई के लाभ
वैश्विक आधार
एक कम कीमत बिंदु पर कार्य करना
उच्च तकनीक विनिर्माण क्षेत्र में चुनौतियां
ग्राहकों द्वारा संचालित अभिनव
DSL तुलना
वित्तीय वर्षों में वृद्धि
अपार्टमेंट में वायरलेस कनेक्टिविटी
उद्यमशीलता के चरणों
रणनीतिक दिशा
सामाजिक दायित्व और मूल्यों
कैसा प्रदर्शन रहा है
परिवार की भूमिका

Muthu Logan

1) Wireless multimedia platform
2) Underutilisation of WiFi hotspots
3) Free WiFi in hotels
4) Mobility emerging in WiFi
5) What our villages need
6) Corporate responsibility needed for rural India
7) Video surveillance
8) Sri Lanka success story
9) Learning from startups
10) Decision to return to India
11) Advantages of Chennai
12) The global footprint
13) Working at a low price point
14) Challenges in high-tech manufacturing
15) Innovation driven by customers
16) The DSL comparison
17) Financial growth over the years
18) Wireless connectivity in apartments
19) Phases of entrepreneurship
20) Strategic direction
21) Social responsibility and values
22) How has been the performance
23) Role of family

B.N. Manohar

बी एन मनोहर

1) योजना के बारे में
2) Stempeutics की खासियत
3) सुलैमान Papaiah पर
4) स्टेम सेल मिथकों

B.N. Manohar
1) About plans
2) USP of Stempeutics
3) On Solomon Papaiah
4) Stem cell myths

Ian Chambers

इयान चैंबर्स

1) शिक्षण में शीर्ष मुद्दों पर
रोजगार पर
आजीवन सीखने पर
सीखने पर मतभेद

Ian Chambers

1) On top issues in teaching
2) On employability
3) On lifelong learning
4) On learning differences

Harvinder Singh

हरविंदर सिंह

1) F5 के काम पर
पर कैसे करें F5 Apps तेज बनाता है
लागत में कमी पर
छवि पर डाउनलोड
सुरक्षा की स्थिति पर
ब्लू महासागर रणनीति पर
चेन्नई काम पर

Harvinder Singh

1) On the job of F5
2) On how F5 makes apps faster
3) On cost reduction
4) On image download
5) On the state of security
6) On Blue Ocean Strategy
7) On Chennai work

V.R. Srinivasan 2008

V.R. Srinivasan 2008


1)      What is honesty and why

2)      Overconfidence, a problem

3)      Future-think missing in the young

4)      Was the bull run justified

5)      If money flow had continued

6)      Steep fall was unexpected

7)      Too early to say if the market will recover

8)      One factor that will drive the market up

9)      Prospects for IPO

10)  On retail investors

11)  Sectors to watch

12)  Long term market outlook

13)  This is the time for M&A

Ved Jain

Ved Jain


1)      Biggest challenge facing the accounting profession

2)      On the new Companies Bill

3)      Is one year too short a tenure for President

4)      How have I fared on my metrics

5)      Coming up with Internal Auditing Standards

6)      What makes me tick

7)      Research potential in accountancy profession

8)      How research helps

9)      On per capita income

10)  Is India calling the shots in global forums

11)  CAs getting better paid in India

12)  Largeness of firms helps

13)  MDP and LLP

14)  Load on CA student is too much

15)  Three-month residential course

16)  Plans for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

17)  ICAI's interactions with State Governments

18)  Infrastructure additions in progress

19)  More girls joining the CA course

20)  What difference the qualification makes to economic status

21)  When it became necessary to reiterate the first principles

22)  On the recent controversy - AS 11 vs Schedule VI

23)  Linkages with colleges and schools

24)  CA students can wish their principals 'Happy Teachers Day'

25)  Is accounting under pressure during slowdown

26)  New facilities for CA students

A.V. Rajaganeshamurthy - YouTube links

A.V. Rajaganeshamurthy


1)      Alacrity, a company with values

2)      How we won the cooperation of workers

3)      Fairness, firmness, and integrity yield results

4)      A refreshing perspective on trade unions

5)      ISABS-Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences

6)      We are first taught that our language is inferior

7)      Government schools are closing owing to lack of demand

8)      Why should bus tickets be in English

9)      How can Tamil be popularised

10)  Role of electronic media in enlivening Tamil

11)  We should begin by speaking in Tamil

12)  We make better secretaries and babus rather than the leader

13)  Ideal school

14)  Corporates should adopt local language

15)  Secrets of a project's success

16)  Flaw in oil pricing

Siddharth S. Kumar

Siddharth S. Kumar


1)      Realities of the Internet

2)      Growth of Internet advertising in India

3)      Going beyond contextual advertising

4)      Challenges we face

5)      Think beyond 30-second spot

6)      Brand front

7)      Exhibition platform

8)      Brandbox

9)      Both push and pull advertising

10)  Technologies behind Buzzar.TV

11)  Brandworld

12)  Why did it take so long....

13)  The mobile jump

14)  Doodling

15)  Brands are surely not in danger

16)  Response from ad agencies

17)  Competing products on display

18)  Banking on word of mouse

19)  Brand depth

20)  Leveraging Ram and Ria

Shailja Dutt

Shailja Dutt


1)      War for talent

2)      Why I chose this line of work

3)      History of Stellar Search

4)      Take up new challenges

5)      Entrepreneurship is not encouraged

6)      Women in entrepreneurship

7)      Measures to help women entrepreneurs

8)      TV does not project the right image of women

9)      A book in progress

Senthil Kumar

Senthil Kumar


1)      The India business

2)      On the switchover from being a captive

3)      Key spend is on engineering, not IT

4)      Sources of engineering efficiencies

5)      IT's role in engineering

K.T. Srinivasa Raja

K.T. Srinivasa Raja


1)      On the future plans

2)      On novelty in foods

3)      On technological improvements

4)      On global market

5)      On the changing tastes

6)      On cost control

7)      On corporate business

8)      On Food Plaza

9)      On what the Government should do

Mohan Ram

Mohan Ram


1)      Growth sustained

2)      Friendly neighbourhood search

3)      Voice biometrics

4)      Creative school

5)      Business outside India

6)      On the IT slowdown

7)      IIT Research Park

Hitesh Oberoi

Hitesh Oberoi


1)      HR Party!

2)      There is a slowdown in certain sectors

3)      The global dynamics

4)      Naukri's growth

5)      Overseas foray

6)      IT cos moving up the value chain

7)      Attrition at Naukri

8)      Remembering my school

9)      We need an overhaul

10)  What is attitude

11)  Great time to be an entrepreneur

12)  The job divide in the country

13)  Quadrangle and its growth

14)  Returning Indians in the job market

15)  Demand for expats

16)  Internships